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A Lesson, by Jehovah Sneaky

My husband recounted a powerful lesson he learned today. I was really moved by it, so I thought I’d share it. 

He happened to meet an old friend, and as they were chatting, God spoke to him and said, “give this guy  $10.” But Marco realized that he only had a $20 in his wallet, which was all the cash we had at the time. Naturally he wondered, “did I hear God right?” After a few moments, he decided that he would give his friend the whole $20 anyway, despite God only telling him to give $10. His friend, however, reacted with joy, because he had urgently needed $20 to pay an important bill. 

“Jehovah Sneaky,” as Bill Johnson occasionally refers to God. God knew that Marco only had a $20 bill in his pocket, yet asked for $10 and waited to see if Marco would give out of generosity, not just obedience. And as it turned out, Marco’s friend needed his generosity, not just his obedience. 

 Marco passed that grade today, and now I need to get it into my skull and my heart. 

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  1. November 10, 2012 at 9:20 am

    So what did Jehovah Sneaky do for you, knowing it was your last $20.00 ? 🙂

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