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Gratitude and Desire….

A very vulnerable post, and one to honor the amazing people in my life.

Thinking about where to live for the rest of this academic year, I’ve been inspired to lay out my heart-desires for the rest of this year.

1) I have an amazing family of interns with Anne Kalvestrand, and would love the opportunity to just hang out together outside of our Friday meetings. I would include Nathan and Annika, Barbara and Greg in that. I feel a sense of community with them which makes my heart sing.

2) I would like the opportunity to take part in 1st and 2nd year International Transformation tracks, to hear the wisdom of heaven coming out of the students, and have them fuel my dreams with prophecy and love.

3) I would like to spend more time with couples that we should be doing life with, but for transport problems – Jesse and Shelly, Matt and Thai, David and Shanna, Francesco and Susanna, Jared and Erin,  Nancy and Phil, Martin and Mollie, Bob and Jeanne, Linda and Tony … and others. And single people who we do family with – Zack, Jason, Eric, Agnese, Ronda… something happens to my heart when I spend time doing family. I could stay with them all day, or all night, and I feel not just loved, but part of something wider than myself.

I felt this a lot at university, with Becky, Olly, Paul, Abi, Tris, Tim, Al, and others. And in London, with Steph and Jo and Luke and Wendy and Paul and Phil and many others. Bristol, with Kim and Mat and Matt and Vicky. And with Helen, and Richard, who in different ways have pretty much always been in my life. Sometimes I travelled hours just to be with these people. And of course the times of great friendship with my family – both sides. There have been moments of great joy and companionship. On a wider scale it’s something I longed for but haven’t yet quite connected to in Italy. And transport problems have prevented that free flow of being part of a beautiful group of likeminded people here, and the frustrating thing is that I know it exists here, because I’ve tasted it. God, I want that again. I want to weep when I have to leave to go back to Europe.

So that’s the longing I have for myself, and for Marco this year, because it can make this year the best year of my life – another best year of my life.

Other invaluable people to honour… Silvia – Massi – my Mum and Dad – Sarah – Jake – my brother – Mark G – Kirkwood & Donna – Pam – Alessandro – Charlie – Richard – Kayt – Jasmine – Allegra – David & Annelise – Molly – Anne… this is starting to feel like an Oscar speech. I’ll stop here! And if I haven’t mentioned you, understand that I have far too many valuable people in my life to note in one blog post, late at night. I love you.

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  1. November 10, 2012 at 9:33 am

    So glad you did this one too! Your child-like heart is adorable I can’t help but to compliment you on everything you write, but I too, will ‘stop here’. Ha ha! 😀

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