Support/Sostegno January Update

Support Update – mid-January 2013


Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all you incredible people who have partnered with us and prayed with us and loved us to help us get this far – beyond what we could have imagined. You fully released Marco to help lead his final mission trip to Los Angeles, a city that’s really on his heart.

There’s still a chance we’ll have to raise some more money for our upcoming Italy mission trip, to cover costs if not everyone in our fantastic team are finally able to come. But that’s a bridge to cross when we come to it. Right now, we are heading full-on into the last term of our journey here, before returning permanently to Europe.

We still need to raise around $570 to cover living expenses for this final stretch, needed by 10th February. That’s just 12 friends supporting us with a one-off donation of $50 – or 20 friends for $30 each. We are being stretched beyond our own means financially, here – because what we’ll be doing in Europe, we have to do in community, and not just in our own resources. So thank you so, so much for helping us get there.

If you’re able to be part of this final stage of our journey, it’s really easy – just go to

Much love,

Marco & Christina


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